Umkomaas Guest House Aliwal Shoal Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Kwazulu Natal Durban South Coast South Africa

 Umkomaas Guest House Aliwal Shoal Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Kwazulu Natal Durban South Coast South Africa

Umkomaas Guest House Aliwal Shoal Pool View Durban South Coast South Africa




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Umkomaas Guest House

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PADI Open Water Course 

This course is your first level introduction to Scuba Diving – prepare for extreme enjoyment – your leisure time will never be the same again!! 

When you qualify as a PADI Open Water Diver you will be able to plan and conduct open water dives to 18m with a buddy almost anywhere in the World. 

Before you begin you must be in reasonably good health and be able to comfortably swim 200m. 

We can schedule your course timings to suit you. If you have time then four consecutive days are best but not everyone has the time to spare. If this is the case then two weekends are also possible. If you have a DVD player at home then it is also possible to reduce the course time required by studying at home – all we ask is that you pay a refundable deposit for the DVD.  

Day One 

Pay full course price – or remainder if deposit has been previously paid. 

Complete all paperwork, including a brief medical questionnaire (any yes answers will require a Doctors letter to confirm fitness to dive). 

Watch DVD and begin writing Knowledge Reviews. 

Day Two 

Today you will breathe underwater for the first time!

Firstly you will learn about your scuba equipment – how to assemble it and how to care for it.

Then it’s off to the training pool where you will familiarize yourself with the new sensation of breathing underwater. Once you are comfortable you will practice several important skills as well as enjoying a “dive” around the pool.

You will also complete your swim test – 200 meter freestyle, followed by 5 minutes treading water.

Day Three 

Today is your first dive in the Ocean. You will dive to a maximum depth of 14 meters whilst being very “closely” accompanied by your Instructor. This dive is for you to feel comfortable with all those new sensations of wearing scuba equipment and of course to introduce you the underwater world that will become your “second” home!

Your second dive of the day will be in the quarry. Here you will practice more valuable skills including the use of a compass for navigation.

 Day Four 

Your final day! Today you will complete two ocean dives, the second to a depth of 18 meters. There will be a few skills to practice once more as well as plenty of time to enjoy the underwater world.

 When you return to shore you write the open water exam.

 Congratulations – you are now a PADI Open Water Diver.

 All this sounds great – we hear you ask – but how much will it cost?


This includes all dives, full equipment, a PADI Open Water Crew Pack which contains a manual, dive table and log book and final certification.

There is literally nothing else to pay. Along with this fantastic price we are also able to say that it is very unlikely that there will be more than two students per instructor, so you know you will get plenty of quality attention. When you learn to dive with Aliwal Dive Charters you are also safe in the knowledge that our skippers are highly experienced and very mindful of new divers, they will launch you safely through the surf on our well maintained boats which are fully equipped with all safety gear.

 email us now for details Please send me information on PADI open water course


NEW NEW NEW 2008 A new DVD "Seasons of Aliwal Shoal is now available - Be the first to ownthis excellent DVD which shows the Aliwal Shoal at various times of the year. Press here - DVD Enquiry

DVD - Diving responsibly with sharks - available now please contact us Press here - DVD Enquiry

DVD - Wrecks of the Aliwal Shoal - available now please contact us

Press here - DVD Enquiry




If you are interested in diving with Tiger Sharks in the Aliwal Shoal region please press here 

Tiger Shark Diving






















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